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Lightning Fast

At GrahamSnaps we focus on performance. Our Instagram widgets load insanely fast and are always optimized for speed. Our Instagram widgets don't use iframes, so they won't slow down your site.



You're provided with many options to make your Instagram widget blend right into your site. Just grab the embed code, place it on your site, and reap the rewards with increased engagement with your Instagram profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrahamSnaps?

GrahamSnaps offers embeddable Instagram widgets. The gallery is a perfect example of what you can create with our widget configurator.

Why do I have to login with my Instagram account?

Instagram's policies require that we get explicit permission from you to show your images in our widgets. The first step in setting up an account with us would be to authorize the GrahamSnaps application to have access to your Instagram account.

Pricing and Features

Signup quickly and easily to start creating your first responsive Instagram widget.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.



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  • 1 Widget
  • Grid Layout Only
  • 1 Hour Refresh Rate
  • Truly Responsive
  • 1 Instagram Account
  • Upgrade Effortlessly



Pay yearly & get 2 months free!

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Pay yearly & get 2 months free!

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  • 5 Widgets
  • Multiple Layouts
  • 15 Minute Refresh Rate
  • Truly Responsive
  • Unlimited Instagram Accounts
  • Supports HTTPS
  • Priority Support
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