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GrahamSnaps will be shutting down on August 30th, 2019. Please migrate to another service.

Get Instagram Followers with GrahamSnaps

More traffic in minutes

Easy setup to give your website visitors a simple way to follow you on Instagram.

Platform Friendly

We are your Instagram widget for Tumblr,, Squarespace, Blogger, and Shopify.
Don't see your platform? We can look into it for you.

A Perfect Match

Our widget editor makes your embeded feed ace your brand's style guide.
We use truly responsive widgets so they look great on any screen.

View A Demo

See our Grid widget in action below. With over 20 configuration options, including setting the amount of rows and columns, it is incredibly flexible.

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How it Works

Get an Instagram widget setup on your site in under 5 minutes with 3 simple steps.


Login with Instagram

First we need to authenticate with Instagram and setup your account.

Login with Instagram

Configure a Widget

After signing up, head to the widgets page to create your own responsive Instagram widget using one of the layouts available to your account.

Configure a widget

Add Our Widget Code to Your Site

Once your widget is configured, grab the code and add it to your site.

Add code to your site

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrahamSnaps?

GrahamSnaps offers embeddable Instagram widgets. The gallery is a perfect example of what you can create with our widget configurator.

Why do I have to login with my Instagram account?

Instagram's policies require that we get explicit permission from you to show your images in our widgets. The first step in setting up an account with us would be to authorize the GrahamSnaps application to have access to your Instagram account.

Pricing and Features

Signup quickly and easily to start creating your first responsive Instagram widget.
All paid plans have a 10 Day Trial, cancel anytime, no questions asked.



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