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GrahamSnaps will be shutting down on August 30th, 2019. Please migrate to another service.

How To

Get embed instructions for your developer prowess or your website platform.

Getting Started

After you have configured your widget, and have the right domain designated, copy the widget embed code from the editor, which will look like this:

<!-- GrahamSnaps Widget Embed -->
<div id="gs-grid" class="gs-iDDx_$n4pGRAhM"></div>
<script>(function(a,b,c,d,e){e in a||({},[]);var f=b.createElement(c);f.src=d,f.async=!0;var g=b.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];g.parentNode.insertBefore(f,g)})(window,document,"script","","gs");gs("Grid", "iDDx_$n4pGRAhM");</script>

Next, PASTE the Widget anywhere after the opening body tag.

For advanced usage you can separate the <div> tag, putting it where you want your widget to be displayed and then add the <script> right before the closing </body> tag.

If you have someone that manages your website, give them the widget code snippet to implement it for you.

  • Wordpress

    Go to the Wordpress Dashboard, open the 'Post' or 'Page' editor you want the widget to appear on.

    Paste the Widget embed code into the 'Text' OR 'HTML' tab of the editor in the area you want it to appear.

    Paste into Wordpress

    Here are some more detailed instructions

  • Squarespace

    Add the Code Block

    In the Squarespace dashboard open a page or post editor.
    Click an Insert Point or the +.
    Select Code from the menu.
    For more detailed steps, visit Adding blocks.

    Add code

    If you're displaying content with the Code Block, ensure that HTML or Markdown is selected in the drop-down menu.
    Then PASTE the Widget embed code into the box and remove the <p>Hello, World!</p> placeholder.

  • Tumblr

    Add the Code Block

    In the Tumblr Dashboard Click the name of your blog at the top of the Dashboard or under the list icon at the top.
    Click Customize.
    Click “Edit HTML” below the theme thumbnail on the left.
    Scroll to the bottom and PASTE the Widget embed code just before the closing </body> tag in the html template of your site or every page you want to have it appear.
    Click the “Update Preview” button.

  • Blogger

    Within Blogger, click "Layout".
    Click on any of the Add a Gadget links within the layout.
    Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget from the list and type “AddThis” for the title.
    PASTE the Widget embed code into the Content section.
    Click Save.
    Here are some more detailed instructions

  • Shopify

    Logging in to your Shopify account.
    Click on Online store button in the menu and next click on Pages.
    Choose the page where you want to add our widget. Click on the title to get to edit mode.
    From the menu, click on Show HTML button. Make sure that you have our widget code ready.
    PASTE the Widget embed code.
    Save your changes and check the page.